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Healing for Body and Mind

Vivande is a personal and genuine business run by Eva Leth since 1991. The focus is on health and wellness including everything from physical injuries to personal development. Vivande is based in Sweden and it attracts customers from around the world.

Eva Leth works from the basis that the power and ability of healing lies within you. This ability is enhanced when the energies of the body can flow freely. When you are in balance your immune system works more efficiently, your bodily functions are strengthened and you have an improved capacity of dealing with stress and other situations in your life.

You Are in Focus

At Vivande you are always in focus. Eva Leth has long experience of working with people. She has a medical background in ergo therapy with additional rehabilitation and research. After acquiring experience in her field of medicine Eva went on to start her own business, Vivande, concentrating on health and wellness.

Within You

Besides balancing, Eva Leth’s work is very much focused on the power of thought, and how you can affect your health with your mind. In recent years Eva has studied quantum physics and the effects it may have on the body.

With generosity and humour Eva assist you in seeing your own potentials, and to find your own unique answers to whatever situation you are in.

Eva has developed a method which allows each person to find not only their questions, but also their own answers. In this communication she uses her broad knowlege of the functions of the brain and of how the thought process affects our life.

A session at Vivande, whether it's on spot or distance, is relaxing and it often brings out laughter and joy.

"Some people have their massage therapeut, some have their acupuncturist or chiropractor.
Some people have their personal coach, psychotherapist or other guidance.
I simply have Eva Leth at Vivande.

"Eva Leth at Vivande always connects to me where I am at the moment, in body and soul, in mind and consciousness, in any thinkable and even unthinkable need of mine.
Eva has the special and highly valued gift and wisdom. In a generous and joyous way, always gives you the best support. This enables me to keep the balance in my life as good as possible."

Marie Lindecrantz, Communicator, Göteborg, Sweden

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